Latitude: 10° 26' North

Length: 75° 33' West


2 Meter above sea level

Prox. temperature daytime:


Prox. temperature nighttime:


Air humidity:


Days of sunshine each year:



609.1 Km2


900.000 people




Peso colombiano (COP)



International Area Code:

57 Colombia, 5 Cartagena



Since the discovery of America, Spain has expanded its colonies, getting that way to a territory in the Caribean where Don Pedro de Heredia founded the city of "Cartagena de Indias" on June 1st, 1533, today declared as historical and cultural World Heritage Site from the UNESCO.

A city which transfers us back to history when it was the epicentre of regular attacks from pirates and bucaneers, defending their walls with admirable heroism which gave this city the name of "Cartagena, La Heroica" . Within these walls you will find the Historical Centre of "Cartagena".

"Cartagena" is full of main streets and places where the visitors enjoy a variety of gastronomy, arts and crafts, religion and social culture strolling along restaurants, bars, cafes and churches (such as "Santo Domingo", "The Cathedral", "San Pedro Claver") where baroque and republican architecture and 5-star hotels with a completely tropical ambiance can be observed.

The Historical Centre of "Cartagena" fascinates with a unique architecture, conserving the colonial tradition of its antique houses with balconies full of exotic flowers , attracting today more and more local and foreign investors who buy these properties to enjoy the enchantment of their "patios" with pools and tropical gardens.

"Las Palenqueras" (traditional street-sellers) offering their fruitsalads, horse carriage rides and mobile street hawkers are the tipical daily picture on Cartagena's streets. The nightlife which is concentrated around the "Plaza de los Coches" is secure and offers an exceptional variety for every taste.

Leaving that place through the "Torre del Reloj" takes you to the district of "Getsemani", where the independance was declared on November 11th, 1811 on the "Plaza de la Trinidad" - situated only a few steps from the house "Cartonera de la Sierpe" - and to the "Puente Roman" one of the junctions between the centre and the peninsula of "Manga", residential district well-known for its beautiful mansions and modern buildings. Here you will also find the two marinas, the port authorities (industrial and commercial harbour district) and the cruiser terminal where more than 5000 tourists from all over the world are visiting this beautiful city every month.

In front of "Manga" on the opposite side of the bay you will find the residential district of "Castillo Grande" and the touristical districts "Bocagrande", "Laguito" and "Castillo Grande" where are located the majority of hotels and the "Avenida San Martin", the main shopping and artistical artery of Cartagena.

Obligatory for every tourist should be a trip to the small mountain "Cerro de la Popa" , the highest point of Cartagena (135m). There you will find the monastery "Convento de la Popa" from where you have a spectacular scenic view over the whole city of Cartagena.

A one-hour boat trip from "Cartagena" takes you to the famous archipelago "Islas del Rosario" embedded into a natural coral-bank where you can enjoy crystal-clear water full of a great variety of flora and fauna. There you can also practice water sports like scuba-diving and snorkel.

Summing up it may be said that "Cartagena de Indias", paradise of the Carribean, invites you to enjoy some uncomparable moments and keep an unforgettable remembrance.

Hotel Casa del Curato      

Hotel Casa del Curato

The hotel recently has been built in a 18th century mansion, located in the most beautiful part of Cartagena's Historic Old Town: Barrio San Diego, right in between Santo Santo Toribio Church and Hotel Santa Clara. Main attractions like Plaza San Diego, San Pedro Claver Church, Parque Bolivar or Plaza Santo Domingo are just a few minutes walk away.

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