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Hotel Casa del Curato is offering exceptional comfort and relaxation right in the heart of Colonial Cartagena.



Since the discovery of America, Spain has expanded its colonies, getting that way to a territory in the Caribean where Don Pedro de Heredia founded the city of "Cartagena de Indias" on June 1st, 1533, today declared as historical and cultural World Heritage Site from the UNESCO.

A city which transfers us back to history when it was the epicentre of regular attacks from pirates and bucaneers, defending their walls with admirable heroism which gave this city the name of "Cartagena, La. Read More...

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Hotel Casa del Curato      

Hotel Casa del Curato

The hotel recently has been built in a 18th century mansion, located in the most beautiful part of Cartagena's Historic Old Town: Barrio San Diego, right in between Santo Santo Toribio Church and Hotel Santa Clara. Main attractions like Plaza San Diego, San Pedro Claver Church, Parque Bolivar or Plaza Santo Domingo are just a few minutes walk away.

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